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Veps III The most powerful in the range

 The Veps III is a Well-Being Transmitter which radiates sound frequency complexes. Its use produces a deep sense of release.

As a result of the relaxation that generally follows a session, the Veps III :

  • Reduces the effects of stress
  • Helps the release of tensions (contractions, cramps, trembling, emotional shocks, etc)
  • Encourages sleep
  • Improves recovery after exercise
  • It energises water. It can be used at home or in a therapeutic setting (23-minute sessions).

It is the most recent transmitter: it benefits from the latest developments. No more wires, no more control knobs, operating the Veps III has been simplified to the utmost.
The active area of the Veps III has a spiral design. It is this part that should be placed against the body, generally in the area of the joint between the sacrum and the lumbar vertebrae. The Veps III device incorporates a piezoelectric transducer which emits Life Waves modulated to a very low level of the audible frequency spectrum (imperceptible to humans).
Each session lasts 23 minutes.

Initial use instructions

  1. Install the unit in its base.
  2. Connect the external charger to the base, then plug in the charger to the mains (a buzzer will sound and the red LED will blink for 5 seconds). Leave the unit to charge for at least 2 hours before using it for the first time.
  3. Start the session by removing the unit from its base. The buzzer will sound and the green LED will light up for 5 seconds. Place the unit under the lumbosacral joint (see picture below). The 23-minute session has started.
  4. A session can be suspended at any time by returning the unit to its base.   If the green LED lights up for 5 seconds, you can carry out another session immediately. If the red LED lights up for 5 seconds accompanied by an intermittent sound, wait for the battery to re-charge.
  5. At the end of the session, a buzzer will sound and the LED will flash red/green until the unit is replaced in its base. At this point, the red LED should blink for 5 seconds (indicating that connection has been restored). If the unit is removed and the green LED lights up for 5 seconds, another session can be undertaken. If the red LED lights up for 5 seconds together with an intermittent sound, wait for the battery to re-charge.

Preparing for a session

For reasons of hygiene, inserting a paper tissue between the Veps III and the body is recommended (in the case of multiple users).
The user is advised to settle into a comfortable position (lying or sitting down) and to place the spiralled area of the Veps III under the sacrum against the skin or through clothing, the spiralled surface towards the skin. For optimum comfort, it is advisable to rest against a cushioned surface that can absorb the thickness of the Veps III unit. If the position is uncomfortable, place a cushion under the coccyx.

Frequency of sessions:

One session per day is generally sufficient. In cases where a significant amount of energy is required for a few days (following trauma or shock, for example) it is possible to have 2 sessions per day.
To avoid hindering the transmission of Life Waves throughout the body, do not cross your arms or legs during a session, and remove tight clothing and jewellery (belts, watches...). For best results, the session should take place in a quiet setting.
The user should not focus on anything other than the on-going session (no reading, watching TV, listening to music or holding conversations during the session).
Best results are achieved when the user is completely open to any sensations. Place yourself in the mindset of somebody who is going to make the most of something pleasant, receiving a massage, for instance, inhaling sea or mountain air... Don’t anticipate any particular sensation. No session is like any other, and reactions vary from one person to another.
To maximise the effect of the Life Waves, drinking a large glass of water (as low in minerals as possible) is recommended before and after a session.

First sessions and optimisation

It is after the first few sessions that the user can begin to appreciate the best time of the day to have a session. Depending on the main effect felt, (relaxing or energising), it may be more appropriate to hold the sessions in the evening or morning, or even a different time of day altogether.


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