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EquiVeps | Life Waves for Horses

Life Waves re-harmonise energy in all living beings. Animals, and especially horses, also benefit from using the Life Wave Transmitter, just as humans do. The EquiVeps is a Life Wave transmitter adapted to equine use.   It has specific settings suited to horses with, in particular, 15-minute session lengths.

Benefit of Life Waves to horses

Horses suffer a variety of illnesses ranging from skin diseases to rheumatic ailments, digestive or nervous problems, etc.
Veterinary care is often very expensive and on occasion no treatment can be put into place. Life Waves can offer a very interesting solution. Remarkable results have been obtained in cases of rheumatic ailments or conditions of excessive nervousness and agitation. The Life Waves bring about a significant improvement in joint flexibility, relaxation, a soothing and better recovery after exercise.

How to position the EquiVeps on a Horse?

The EquiVeps comes with a cloth pouch provided with two Velcro strips.
The two “loop” strips provided need to be attached to a horse blanket. It is then easy to attach the EquiVeps to the blanket. The weight of the blanket keeps the EquiVeps in position during the 15-minute session.
The EquiVeps can also be attached to a crupper as shown on the video.

Where to place the EquiVeps on a horse?

The EquiVeps should be located on the horse’s lumbosacral joint. The position is very easy to find, it forms the junction between the spine and the pelvis.

Animals and Life Waves

Animals are very responsive to all energy phenomena.

They have a fine and intuitive awareness of environmental changes. At the time of the 2004 Tsunami, for example, all animals had fled the shoreline to shelter on higher ground well before the wave was triggered.
This sensitivity enables them to feel the presence of Life Waves and to determine whether they are of benefit to them or not. There are many recorded anecdotes of cats and dogs regularly curling up to people undertaking a Life Wave session and refusing to move as long as the Life Wave transmissions last.

EquiVeps instructions and guarantee

Click here to download the complete user manual and warranty.


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