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Rental Discovery Offer: Rent the Veps for a month before committing yourself

rental discovery offer veps

Rental-Discovery Offer
Wanting to test the Veps for yourself?

Perfectly natural. That is why we can propose our Discovery Offer.

A 1 month rental of the device of your choice: MiniVeps, Veps III, EquiVeps

  • Rental cost 120 Euros Plus 10 Euros shipping costs for MiniVeps
  • Rental cost 160 Euros plus 10 Euros shipping costs for Veps III or EquiVeps
  • Help with handling and correct use : Telephone support from one of the VEPS Company representatives, the User Manual is available for download.
  • Conditions:
    Prior telephone interview
    Receipt of 2 cheques from the client:
    - One for 130 Euros or 170 Euros depending on the model selected and shipping costs;
    - The second cheque as a refundable deposit for a total of: 470 Euros for the MiniVeps, 825 Euros for the Veps III or the EquiVeps.

Receipt of your request and cheques is all that is required to be registered in accordance with the terms on this page.

Provision of a new device by the VEPS Company (subject to availability) by post or carrier

How does this discovery offer work? In the event of purchase, the initial rental cost becomes free.

If you decide to buy the device at the end of your one month rental, you keep the device and we will cash your second cheque, subject to your approval. An invoice for the total purchase cost will then be sent to you. We can also offer staged payments.

If you decide not to buy the device, and on returning the device at the end of the rental period, we will return your second cheque.

For any questions regarding this offer,

please do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a message below.


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