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Differences between existing devices (the Chi Machine) and the Veps

The Chi Machine is an electrical device on which the heels are placed whilst lying on one’s back. When it is switched on, the device moves the feet from side to side, creating oscillations throughout the whole body. The manufacturer claims that this mechanical action then regulates the user’s vital energy, or Chi.

To our knowledge, the Veps is the only device that transmits Chi into the body of the user through the use of sounds richly charged with Chi using appropriate techniques well known in the Far East. These are not sounds that have been synthesized, but sounds recorded by Vlady Stevanovitch who had mastered these techniques: they are human sounds. Digital technology was then applied to these sounds to increase their power and effectiveness. The Chi-charged sounds are transmitted directly into the body by the Veps: they are inaudible because their transmission volume has been set below the threshold of human hearing. This is what allows them to have such a profound effect.


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