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Differences between existing devices (the Chi Machine) and the Veps

The Chi Machine is an electrical device on which the heels are placed whilst lying on one’s back. When it is switched on, the device moves the feet from side to side, creating oscillations throughout the whole body. The manufacturer claims that this mechanical action then regulates the user’s vital energy, or Chi.

To our knowledge, the Veps is the only device that transmits Chi into the body of the user through the use of sounds richly charged with Chi using appropriate techniques well known in the Far East. These are not sounds that have been synthesized, but sounds recorded by Vlady Stevanovitch who had mastered these techniques: they are human sounds. Digital technology was then applied to these sounds to increase their power and effectiveness. The Chi-charged sounds are transmitted directly into the body by the Veps: they are inaudible because their transmission volume has been set below the threshold of human hearing. This is what allows them to have such a profound effect.

Effectiveness of the Life Waves and “Factor A”

La Methode StevanovitchI am often asked if the Life Waves are the effective solution to one problem or another... I always give the same answer: “I don’t know, try the unit and see for yourself”. I also warn people: “just because it solved a similar problem in someone else doesn’t mean it will solve yours, and vice versa”. Life Waves perform differently for each person and indeed from one session to another for the same person!

Using Life Waves with the following approach: “I have a problem à I buy something that must solve this problem àTherefore it’s a matter between the device I bought and my problem”, will not help their effectiveness and will even hinder it before they are even put to use!

You see what I mean, it is the Life Waves users’ state of mind that is an essential and determining factor. I am talking about a trusting willingness to be influenced by what the Life Waves inventor Vlady Stevanovitch, has “inserted” in the Life Waves: the “A Factor”. The “A Factor” is Love - not the little one, but the great one, the one beyond all emotion, all sentimentality,all affectivity, That which puts us in direct relation with the source of all Life.

When you consider the Life Waves, your inner attitude, your original intent – being open to their creator’s intent – is paramount. Indeed, this allows a true encounter between each user and Vlady’s “A Factor” to awaken and increase the user’s own “A Factor”.

What else can I say, that’s all there is to it! This Love, when it is well understood, restores us, in our entirety. When we are in turmoil inside, all kinds of problems can appear. Conversely, restoring order can make them disappear.

The A Factor is intended for all living entities! Results on plants and horses proves this. The right attitude for encountering Life Waves is therefore to receive... without asking questions.


Tai Chi / Tai Ji: What Chi are we talking about?

The Chi in Tai Chi Chuan is not Chi, or vital energy. We prefer the expression Tai Ji Quan.

The Tai Ji Quan ideograms include the element Tai Ji (“supreme summit”) and Quan (“fist, boxing”). The literal translation thus becomes “supreme summit boxing”. All Tai Ji postures indeed have a martial origin. But let’s not reduce Tai Ji Quan to martial movements. Nor is it gymnastics. It is intended to lead us to peace, an inner calm.

And how can we be at peace if we are full of tensions, contractions? Better to be flexible and relaxed.

For Taoists, man is the intermediary between Heaven and Earth. The Tai Ji practitioner is aware of this: he receives the Heaven and Earth energies to assimilate them to his own energy: his Chi. Tai Ji postures have as a purpose the flow of Chi which is a condition of Life itself. Life is connected to movement and perpetual transformations; nothing is static. The sequences of Tai Ji postures are a reflection of this Life which is movement and transformation. The practitioner integrates with this vital impetus

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