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Kiaï initiation workshop

Kiaï initiation workshop
Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 November 2018


Instructor : Jean-Paul Duchêne, professor, l’Art du CHI
10 attendees minimum, 15 maximum
Location : Arques (Aude)

Limited to black belt standard (all disciplines) and energy art practitioners.

The Kiaï is not a shout, but an explosive sound richly laden in chi.

This residential workshop in the Corbières (Aude) will be an opportunity to discover the production basics for the different Kiaï. Jean-Paul Duchêne, a professor of l'Art du CHI, is one of few people teaching CHI-carrying sounds, of which the Kiaï is one expression.

Kiaï Presentation

Introductory Workshop


Discovery and learning of Kiaï and CHI carrying sound techniques

Who is Jean-Paul Duchêne ? 
Jean-Paul was a disciple of Itsuo Tsuda and Vlady Stévanovitch. Two masters who practiced the energy arts and for whom sounds represented the icing on the cake. Few are those who have mastered these techniques which were long-held secrets, but Jean-Paul was privileged to receive their teachings.

Who are the workshops aimed at? 
This workshop is intended for black belt martial art practitioners. It is reserved for advanced martial art practitioners as well as practitioners of body- and energy-work. Particularly for those wanting to delve into the area of energy and sounds.

Are you at an advanced level in your practice? Do you feel limited in the progress you are making? Do you have the sense of missing an essential component and have you noticed certain elements of tension in your practice?

Thanks to these workshops, you will encourage the CHI to flow through your entire body, which will open you to a world where power, relaxation and benevolence are reconciled. It may be an opportunity to move beyond a milestone in your practice and in your body.

Add an energy dimension to your martial art practices!

Room and lodging 
(practical information)

  • Friday evening or Saturday morning arrival options

  • 35€ per person per night / 26€ per person per night for 3 or more nights

  • Provide your own meals, sheets and towels ; two beds 90cm wide per room can be joined into a double bed

  • Non participating partners are welcome (walks, swimming…)

  • Optionally, room cleaning costs approximately 10€ per person.


0930-1230hrs and 1430-1730hrs (1430-1600hrs on the last day)

Saturday evening : Introduction to and trial of Life Waves


177 €

*Conditions: The balance for any fees will need to be paid on arrival. 
No refunds will be made in the event of non attendance or cancellation on the part of a participant.


Wanting to get in touch with Jean-Paul Duchêne? 
06 10 50 67 96

 Forthcoming "Le Son de Vie" (The Sound of Life) workshops

Québec - Canada

19 October 2018 (Sherbrooke)

23 October 2018 (Ste Hyacinthe)

24 October 2018 (St Jérôme)

25 October 2018 (Montréal)

26 October 2018 (Bourcheveille)

Wanting to organise a workshop with Jean-Paul Duchêne ?

Invite Jean-Paul Duchêne 
to your dojo dedicated to Tai Chi, de Chi Kung, or any oriental extreme martial art practice
for a weekend or several days.

Conference : Le Son de Vie (The Sound of Life)

Workshop : The Kiaï and CHI-carrying sounds


Aubard - 04200 Saint-Vincent sur Jabron





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